11 May 2011

Kanzashi giveaway time

In collaboration with "Our Big Day for $10K", you have a chance of winning one of my beautiful kanzashi.

To be specific, you will be winning Momiji Delight.

This was my first every bridal design and by far the best in my eyes.

So you are wondering how to enter this giveaway? It is simply, all you have to do is the following.
  1. Visit http://www.bigdayfor10k.com/2011/05/10/kitty-kanzashi/#more-1441
  2. Leave a comment at the end of the post detailing your reason for winning.
Thank you for looking and good luck!


Twixxie said...

Hey, you have some beautiful stuff!
I have a 21st Birthday that is themed 'Countries' I've chosen Japan as my country and wish to dress as a Maiko. I really would like some beautiful Kanzashi and can't find any I've really liked. However yours are amazing! Is there a way we could talk about me possibly commissioning you for some kanzashi for my Birthday?

Kitty Kanzashi said...


Have a look at my etsy store for some ideas (www.etsy.com/shop/kittykanzashi) and then email me at kittykanzashi@gmail.com