29 May 2011

Second lot of weekend fun at the cinema.

Maybe I subconsciously knew this but this is the last weekend of fun before I go into revision overdrive so I have made this weekend full of fun!

So Saturday was vintage fair and lovely cupcakes........mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy cupcakes.........and this Sunday was a trip to the cinema.

What the cinema? Yep but I did not be visit one of the chain cinema, oh no, on Sunday I went to the Showroom in Sheffield. They are one of the few independent cinemas that I go to and for the past week or so they have been doing a Young Person's film festival called "Showcomotion".

Anyway Sunday was the final day and they were showing a special preview of Studio Ghibli's Arrietty. It is already released in Japan but it is not suppose to be released in the UK until August 2011. So yes it is a proper preview!

It is based on the book called the Borrowers so it is a familiar story for me but it is always interesting to see it being done by another culture.

I thought about turning up to the showing in kimono, nothing special really just a wool kimono with a simple flat musubi because I didn't want to have anything digging in my back for 1.5 hours.

However the weather turned against us and it was too cold for kimono so I just wore jeans, t-shirt and fleece.

Now the film itself.

I loved it! There is something about Studio Ghibli animation that makes you wish you were in the film itself. As Arrietty is based on The Borrowers Story it was the house I loved! Not the borrowers house which was under the floor board but the main house. I love the Japanese interpretation of a western house because it the style of house I would like to live in.

Anyway unless there is a preview viewing near you then the UK release date for Arrietty is in August 2011.

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