20 July 2011

Update time!

My My where does the time go?

So I have a post for Yorkshire Cosplay Convention on the 2 July and the photoshoot on the 14 July. What else have I been doing with my life.

Well for the last month or so, my friend and I have been organising a Kimono Fashion Show for Hyper Japan!

Although the planning was not particularly hard, pulling all the bits and pieces together was tricky. Getting the MUA/hairstylist, model and then organising their time just made me a bundle of nerves because I'm a natural worrier. However it seems everything is going well.

So the checklist so far!
  1. Models have been picked and contacted.
  2. Kimono outfits co-ordinated and assigned to models.
  3. Found MUA/hairstylists (actually found 3!).
  4. Confirmed show time.
  5. Organised passes for all involved.
  6. Sorting out a table for Kimono De Jack UK.
So what is left to do?
  1. Find a map to put onto the table so people can pin their location for future reference when we are organising KDJ meetups.
  2. Pack all my stuff together so I know what bag to bring down with me.
I think that is it? Well I hope it is!

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