20 July 2011

Yorkshire Cosplay Con - 2 July 2011

I was suppose to post this ages ago but my mind has been a bit slow recently so I have only just got round to posting this now.

Anyway, there is always something daunting about using the local transport links of an unknown town and the 2 July adventure is in Doncaster. Getting to Doncaster was easily enough, Sheffield is only a stone throw away from Doncaster so trains were regular but the buses hmmmm I wasn't so sure on. So after following the signs for the bus interchange, wandering around for the correct stand and then fiddling around for the correct change, I'm on my way to the Dome.

Pretty uneventful but with a hint of fear that you are going the wrong way I managed to get to the dome without too much hassle.

The venue itself was quite nice and the convention took up 3 of the conference rooms available.

Katie from Japan Craft was kind enough to give me some space on her table for my kanzashi and for that I helped her run her stall when wanted to see her daughter cosplay.

So my impression of the event. It was an intimate convention where people came to make friends and show off their costumes. No one was taking it to serious so it was a relax atmosphere. The main age group was under 20's so Ebony (Katie's daughter) loved it. However if you were a serious cosplayer I think you would have been disappointed. There were stalls selling manga and anime but although we both sold some items and we attracted plenty of interest there wasn't the purchasing power that would exist in a major convention.

However there was a lot of interest and I can see this organiser arranging a much bigger event if a larger venue was found.

Whether it would be suitable for my craft remains to be seen.

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