12 December 2011

Kimono de Jack UK meetup in Birmingahm.

Well it is the end of another year and my Kimono de Jack UK friends could not end 2011 without another Christmas meetup in Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas market.

Full of Christmas food, drink and gifts, you can't help but feel festive.

We started off our celebration with a nice mug of hot wine (or hot chocolate).

Well it was a cold day and the drinks certainly helped with the cold.

So bottoms up!

After our little tipple, it was time for a little lunch before heading indoors to the Lost in Lace exhibition at Gas  Hall in Birmingham.

It was full of lovely examples of modern interpretation of lace which was not what I was expecting but none the less very interesting.  Also it was the perfect place to take photos.

Just look at this crystal structure, it looks absolutely stunning and does remind me of a mathematical model but I can't put a name to it at the moment.

Anyway we couldn't stay in there all the time because some of us wanted some desserts.  So off to the Christmas market again.

I have waited a whole year for this treat and being lactose intolerant, I am going to suffer but I can't resist!

Yep it was good!  Really good!  In fact, plate licking good!

But April and I were not the only ones enjoying dessert.  Here is Liz enjoying some healthy fruit.

By this time, our feet were telling us to give them a little break so we stopped off in a coffee shop to relax and look at the latest Kera magazine that Liz brought back from Japan.  I wish I could get these sort of magazines in the UK.

A completely enjoyable day, which I hope we carry on into the future because it is a lot of fun!

Roll on 2012 and next meetup which is planned in Oxford.

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