26 December 2011

Finished Kimono - Part Two

Day Six - 24th December

After yesterdays challenge, I was confident I could get the collar done quickly.  Opps!

First step was attaching the first layer of collar to the kimono body.  In the DVD, the seamstress was able to lie her kimono flat but I had real trouble here.  Then there was the markings that I was suppose to follow, they didn't go as according to plan.  For example, the hemmed edge of the okumi panel was not high enough to be covered by the collar so there is some raw edge poking out.  Not that you will see it because it is on the inside but something to remember!

There was a lot of small things that make attaching the collar tricky but now I have done it, I know how to improve.

First the positioning of the reinforcements needed for the collar.  I sewed them too far away from the seam which means you can see a line of stitching on the outside.

I going to blame this on the book because in the DVD the lady didn't sew them on like the book show me!  

Second more dodgy stitching but this time blind stitch.

Day Seven - 25 December

Nothing!  It was Christmas Day and I wanted to spend the day eating, drinking and watching my husband play games.

Day Eight - 26 December

Finally the sleeves are being attached.  I am not sure if I have followed the markings that I made but did follow the method of sewing so it is accurate enough with construction.

And here is the result.

Fortunately from a distance you can not see the mistakes I made.

And from this distance, the collar looks quite good.

Now I need to buy more fabric and wear this one.

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