15 December 2011

DIY kimono time!

You may have guessed that I am a kimono fan/addict but I have reached a stalling point in my collection.

In the past I would go onto ebay and find many kimono that I would love to wear however now it is completely different.  Although I am still finding kimono that I would like to own, none of them are ones that I would like to wear.  I do not know what has brought this on but it is for the best because it was a huge drain on my finance.

So how am I am going to resolve this?  Well it is time to complete one of my things on my To-Do list, make a kimono!

I have been talking about this for ages and I have reached the point that I am tired of hearing myself saying it so when my friend went to Japan I asked her to buy me a kimono making book and some kimono making tools.  

This is the book that she got for me.

I have already had the chance to look at this book so I know it contains detailed instructions in constructing a kimono if you can decipher the Japanese measurements.  Which is what I did for the last two days!

I literally I spent the 2 days studying the pictures and re-drawing some of the diagrams so I understood what the markings and measurements are needed.  It appears that there is a lot of preparation in making a kimono because when I watched the DVD, the lady didn't do a lot of measurements once she began to put the kimono together.

However now I am confident that I have all the measurements in my head and I have brought my fabric.  Nothing exciting, just some green polycotton which will make a perfect summer kimono.

Although I think I can wear it if I make a nice warm juban.

Well wish me luck and I will keep you posted!

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