6 November 2012

Shoes for Kimono!

There are certain obstacles one needs to get over when they are wearing kimono in the UK.

One of those obstacles is footwear.  The UK is not known for its warm weather that is suitable for zori and geta.  Even when one is wearing tabi it is still cold and if one is walking about a lot then you will feel the pain.

Not that I don't like wearing zori, there are many advantages to wearing them like being able to slip them off when you are in a restaurant and give your feet a rest without looking too slobbish.  

However sometimes you want to wear proper shoes especially when it is cold.  My current favourite is my CAT tan boots.

When it looks like it is about to rain, these are the shoes that I grab when I wear kimono as they seem to go with a lot of my kimono.

I even wore them when I appeared on TV.  I love them!

However these are not the only shoes I would wear with kimono.  I do have a pair of lovely white boots with stiletto heels as well.  I have only worn them once because I can't walk very far in them but they are gorgeous.    

Then it got me thinking what other shoes would I love to wear with kimono? 

Lately I have been thinking of getting a pair of retro style shoes like Mary Janes or T-bar shoes because I have a feeling they would look really cute!

Deva Dolly by Clarks
This pair I have actually tried on and they are very comfy.  Not sure about the patent leather because although I love the shine of it and they look funky they will make coordinating tricky!

Then there are these ones!
Sherbourne by Van Dal
Again in patent leather (hmmm I think my sub conscience is telling me something) but this shoe is a lace up!  I have not tried these one on but I know the brand is very good so they should be fine for me.

Or how about these!

23 Skidoo by American Duchess
I love the look of them and I know these will go lovely with a white, orange and gold yabana kimono that I want to wear again!  I can also imagine wearing them with other elements of my wardrobe so a good all rounder shoe I think.

And at this moment American Duchess are holding giveaway for a pair of 23 Skidoo!  For full details you can follow the link below!

I think I will enter just in case!

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