12 November 2012

Why I love Kimono - Reason 3

I'm one of those sort of people who wears what suits my body shape.  If fashion just happens to coincide with what I like then all the better but most of the time I just buy what takes my fancy.

As such I have a habit of buying clothes in different colours but with the same basic shape because I know it will work and this is why I love kimono.  I can buy different colours and patterns but not worry about size.

If I buy kimono with measurements that will fit me and I like the look of it then I can buy it without worrying about it.

Happily, I am only 5'2'' which means a lot of second hand kimono will fit me however this is very bad for ones wallet.

Just look at the three kimono below.  These kimono are exactly the same expect the fact there is three different colours and as such I knew I could wear the kimono. Well so long as I can coordinate it.

The blue one I wore way back in 2011 and I wore it with a pale yellow obi with a winter flower.

The green one I wore for the Christmas 2011 KDJ in Birmingham.  I thought green would be a great colour for Christmas.

And the pink one was the kimono I wore for the first KDJ UK!  Happy memories!

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