8 February 2013

What does a kanzashi maker do on a rainy day? - Part 1

It is beginning of February and all I see out of my window is rain, rain and more rain.

Well that spoilt my idea of wandering out for a walk so instead I got my thinking cap on and created some more kanzashi flowers.

Inspired by my friends re-enactment I decided to concentrate on flowers that are popular in the regency period.  You wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to find a list but I managed it and I picked three flowers to start off.

The first flower I thought I would recreate is this one.

This is a white lilac and as you notice, it is a four petal flower with a little yellow centre.  

My first thought was to use a round petal and create a narrow petal but somehow this does not look right.  It has the slight curve at the edge but the centre just does not work.

So I had a thought and decided to use a petal design that I rarely used.  The folded pointed petal, it starts off life as a pointed petal but then you fold up the edges to create something similar to the round petal.

Anyway the results are this!

This is much better then the first design as it gives the impression of a concave petal and the best thing about this design is that it naturally creates a trumpet shape in the centre.

What do you think?

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mysli said...

Yes, second one looks way better for that flower I think. Good idea!