11 February 2013

What does a kanzashi maker do on a rainy day? - Part 2

So earlier I told you that the top two flowers were my attempts to create a white lilac flower.

What about the other two?

The next one I decided to have a try to recreate is the primrose.

I think you can guess why I wanted to create.  Don't the heart shape petals look cute?  Now I could create this flower using the same method as making cherry blossoms but I felt it deserved a new way. 

Therefore using the round petal as a base, I decided that adding additional pleats in the centre would give the petal a flatter look.  Then of course the only thing left to do is add the little pinch at the centre to create the heart shape.  Unfortunately some of the pinches didn't last very long as I used un-starch fabric but you get the idea.

As always comments and criticisms are welcome.

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