23 February 2013

What does a kanzashi maker do on a rainy day? - Part 3

So out of the four flowers that I have created that. 

That just leaves one more.  What could this fourth flower be?

I will tell you right now!

It is a periwinkle and I choose this flower because of the unusual shaped petals.  They have a slight asymmetry to them and I have not made petals using the tsumami technique that are asymmetric because it is not as easy as it seems.

Anyway it is a good petal to try and recreate and after much pondering, sticking petals to my sleeves and general fabric flying around, this is the end result!

I do have some issues with the petals like although the general shape is pleasuring, I wish I could form the sharp angles that are on the flower.  I suppose with a little bit of starch I should be able to do this however this version is softer in appearance.

What so you think?

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