8 April 2015

Making a Dress - Blue one piece lolita dress with wide collar.

I love my Otome no Sewing book as they provide me so much inspiration for future project.


So I came across this little darling.

Very simple lines and of course perfect for the office.  I have to make it!


Since I went a little bit overboard in buying the blue summer weight fabric for the parade overskirt I thought it might be a nice idea to use up this fabric first.  I mean it is lovely fabric and wouldn't it be sort of nice to have a set of clothes all made from the same fabric.


As I said before I love the simple lines which appeals to me a lot.  I do love frills but I like my lolita wardrobe to be more suitable for day to day.

The original design in the book was unlined but this was not an option if I was using my blue fabric.  It was very thin so I decided that the version I was going to make was going to be fully lined.

The actual drafting of the pattern was pretty easy apart from the collar.  I had a hard time getting the curve right and in the end I had to cut the pattern out of the book to get it right.  Oh the heartbreak!!!


All the pieces were cut, sewing was actually quite simple.

The collar was a little tricky as it was only after putting on the collar that I realised that it didn't sit flat on my shoulders.  I suppose that is good really but it does pose a underwear issue!

Unfortunately in my new flat there is no where I can take a picture that looks good.  So after many many many takes this was the best one.

In hindsight I should have put on a petticoat but I didn't feel like it.

Although I love the dress there is one slight problem and that is the sleeves.  When I bend my arms they are a little bit tight but other then that it hangs very nicely.  I have already worn this a couple of times at work so I might make another one with short sleeves for summer!

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