1 April 2015

Making a Dress - Empire-line Otome dress

Hello peeps

Long time no see!

When was my last post.....oh it was that long ago.... oppps....well things have been very hectic back in Kitty World.  I started a new job back in October 2013 and then in April 2014 I finally managed to get myself back into accountancy.  I tell you one thing, having a job is great on the personal finance side but it does eat away the blogging and crafting time.  Then if that was not enough, I decided to move to my new flat!  Yep I am finally on the property ladder and the best thing to come out of this move is my new crafting room!

Still a little messy but you should have seen it before the racking.

Anyway since the big move I have finally gotten round to making my empire line otome dress.

There was a slight change of plan with the fabric since it dawned on me that I do not have a blue and white yukata so I spent the next 2 weeks trying to find a suitable alternative and eventually I did.

It is a bit more bluer then I wanted but I was so lucky to get the other one that I thought at least this one will not get stained so easily.

Anyway as normal I was going to take progress photos but this was such a simple project that by the time I realised I have not taken a single photo, my dress was almost complete.

Oh well!  So here is the finished dress.

Isn't it adorable?  It is really light and comfy to wear and it is perfect for the office as it is not too frilly to look out of place.

My only complaint with this would be the straps as the fabric is a bit too soft so the hemming did not go very smoothly.  In addition, I decided to use my new hemming machine foot and although it made the hemming work a lot shorter, It created a wavy effect of the edge.  Maybe with a bit of iron it will reduce it but overall I do like the look of the straps.

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