13 October 2017

Needle felting - coin purses - Navy blue

There is nothing like a bit of needle felting to remove negative feeling.

It is all the stabbing with the needle you see, it is very therapeutic (hehehehe)

So I caught the needle felting bug probably 7 or so years ago but lately it has been put on the back burner since I brought the sewing machine and went a little crazy with my fabric hoarding.....collecting.

I would dabble every now again but only to embellish things but this time I decided I needed a full on needle felting project.

Coin purse.

You can never have too many of them because they are so adorable!  Also it is very handy for small change that I often need for buying milk for the office or sweeties.

I found my inspiration from a youtube video.

And I thought this would it be possible to make them smaller.

Well lucky youtube came through again.

So I picked my colour and picked my poly ball size but I had to order in the purse clasps.  As always eBay comes to the rescue but I had to wait nearly 3 weeks for them to arrive.  

In the meantime, I decided to start my stumpwork embroidery which I have posted and you can read here and here.

Anyway they arrived and like a child in a candy store I made my first felt ball.  Left it over night to dry and then sewed the clasp in.

And Ta-Da here it is

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