14 June 2011

Lovely website to recommend.

You may have noticed that I am a kimono lover.

As such whenever I come across a website that showcase kimono worn in a contemporary way then I am all over it.

My good friend Shelia writes and translate for a website Kimono no Kokoro and it is brilliant. Especially the latest edition as it shows a wonderful way of wearing the kimono in the rain. I am so tempted to try it for this Saturday as I will be going to the June KDJ in Stoke-on-Trent and the weather forecast is not good :(

Anyway the website is http://kimonokokoro.com/

And I mustn't forget to include the credits for these photos.

Models : Ryoichi Ishii, Chisato Ohtomo and Mariko
Photographer : Okumoto Akihisa and Izumi Satoru
Kimono select : Okumoto Akihisa
Hair and make up : Hachinohe Akiko and Taguchi Chisato

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