4 August 2011

Kokeshi Dolls

Kokeshi dolls are little wooden dolls that you can buy in Japan and it is a love/hate sort of thing.

I find them cute but I can see why people get freaked out by them. I think it is a similar thing with porcelain dolls. I find them a little creepy because I am imagining them watching my every move.

Anyway lately I have caught the needle felting bug and my latest work is kokeshi dolls. The first one is called Primo.

She is a tiny little kokeshi doll only 6cm tall!

However this morning I woke up and thought wouldn't it be great to make some that look like my friends.

Well the first friend I did was Lyuba from http://funkymakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/. She love stripes so her kokeshi doll is stripy!

She is also made about cats as well so on her otaiko I put a little kitty.

I posted this one straightaway and Liz asked if she was going to get a mini-me. How could I refuse?

She loves black and red so her kimono has those two colours flowing through.

She also puts her hair into braids normally so her kokeshi doll also has them.

Then Arian said he would love to see a Naomi (his wife) one. So after looking through her flickr album I found the perfect picture to use as reference.

I love how the hair turned out!

Of course now I have a little gang of kokeshi doll and here they are having a little girly chat about kimono and kitsuke.

What do you think they are talking about?


Sekhet said...

They are realy cute : )

Kitty Kanzashi said...

And really fun to make but I have run out of white roving now so have to stop until I sell one :(