31 August 2011

Today's kanzashi - Ivy Love

“I never thought I'd cry for the love of Ivy”

Green is not the most obvious kanzashi colour you would choose but green is actually a lovely colour. These tiny plum flowers are made from a dark green cotton fabric and have a short fall on each flower to give them the cute factor.

Ivy Love is a one of a kind pair of hairclips as I no longer have any more of this lovely fabric. Each hairclip measures 3 cm wide by 6 cm height by 1 cm depth and the clips are alligator style so will be suitable for all hairtypes and hairstyles.

The little red box in the picture is for display purpose only and not for sale. If you would like the little red box with your purchase then convo me and I will give you my prices.

Although I do not have the fabric anymore, I have many other fabrics available for you to choose from so if you found a kanzashi that you like but would like to customise it to your needs, taste or occasion then let me know. I am sure I will be able to create a kanzashi that will meet your expectation.

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