30 August 2011

Wedding Kanzashi - Part Three

For the past week, all I have been thinking about is my wedding. My partner and I have sorted out the reception, menu and guest list. Table decorations have been brought and they are all around my future mother in law house ready to be assembled closer to the date.

Oh and my own mother is constantly changing her mind on the type of cake I'm having. First it had to be a three tier cake because it will look good, then it was mini cakes and one large cake because she saw them in a wedding magazine and thought they look good and now it is back to the three tier cake because she is having trouble finding boxes. Sigh.........I don't need this at all.

So to calm my nerves I decided to make my kanzashi and following my partner's excellent advice, I made the kanzashi that will be used to decorate my hair!

I had trouble deciding on the arrangement because I actually do not know how big my hairdo will be on the big day since it has grown a couple more inches since the wedding hair trial and I'm torn between having flowers all around the bun or just concentrating them on the top.

Therefore the solution is to mount them on individual hairpins which will allow the hairdresser the freedom to arrange them.

The pins I used are 6.5cm which may seem long but my hair bun will be huge so the length will ensure they stay in the hair.

As normal, the pearls are not glued onto the flowers because in the past they have fallen off on my own personal kanzashi. Instead they are attached to the flower and hairpin with a thin wire which keeps them in a stable position.

I am now tempted to make them for my etsy store now.

What do you think?

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