10 April 2012

Wedding Dress - BlueBird by Ian Stuart

I'm in a daydreaming mood today and this dress just screams fantasy to me.  It is by the brilliant Ian Stuart and I had a hard time choosing just one of this dresses but this one is my favourite.

Blue Bird by Ian Stuart
Why do I love it?

Lets see, it is a halterneck top, there is a splash of colour and the back of this dress is just soooooo dreamy!

When it comes to details, I love bows for some reason. Maybe it is my inner gothic lolita telling me something............

I can see this dress working for many brides!

Second thoughts?

Not many actually and I am having a hard time thinking of one but here goes!  Having one train is hard enough but this one seems to have three of them so you will need to make sure that when you take photos that all of them are in place.

However I imagine this dress has been designed so that the train can be hooked up.  Therefore making walking around tables and dancing easier.

1 comment:

John said...

It is a beautiful dress ! she looks gorgeous in it

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