17 April 2012

Wedding Dress - ?? by Yumi Katsura

This designer has so many dresses that I love but I think this is the one that I like the best.

I have been discovering so many wedding dress designers since I started this weekly blog post that I wish I could see some of these dresses in person.

Yumi Katsura dresses are gorgeous but they will cost a bit, this one is 312,900 Yen!

?? by Yumi Katsura

What really caught my eye was her kimono section because I am a kimono addict.

Why do I love this dress!

The dress design is so well balanced.  At the top, we have some floral decoration which stand out however the rest of the dress is nice and simple with clean cut lines.  Especially on the skirt, I love how the skirt is figure hugging while at the same time has a wonderful train.

Second thoughts?

I know it is bad to complain about price when what you are getting is a haute couture wedding dress but I have to admit it is scary.  But if the price wasn't on my mind then I'm not sure what would stop me from getting it.  I mean, it is haute couture so the dress will be made to look magnificent on you and if not, I would be very disappointed.

I suppose if I was nit picking then I could say the skirt is somewhat plain but I think you are swapping bling for superior dressmaking skills.

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