24 April 2012

Wedding Dress - Pembroke by Anne Barge

I know the market is saturated with dresses that are white or ivory but one colour that I don't often see is gold!  

I suppose there reason for this is that gold isn't the most forgiving colours.  I remember my friend tried something yellow and just looked ill whereas for me yellow looked great!

Pembroke by Anne Barge

Why I love it!

Look at the amount of lace on the dress!  You are head to toe in gorgeous lace and it isn't overwhelming in anyway.  Sometimes you see lace being used just to make it look more fancy which is wrong.  Lace should be added to enhance the dress and therefore in my view, the underlayer should be kept as simple as possible to show off the lace.

And then there is the cap sleeves which are just cute and perfect for people who want to cover up the top of their arms.

Hmmm second thoughts?

As I mentioned above, gold can be very unforgiving for certain skin tones which is a shame.

Then there is the back of the dress, it isn't the lowest I have seen but never the less for you brides who can not go bra-less, this is not good.  However I am sure you can buy special underwear which will allow you to wear this dress.

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