24 April 2012

Sakura Wedding Kanzashi!

I just have to share with you my latest custom order for a bride who is having a cherry blossom (or sakura) themed wedding!

She contacted me through etsy asking me to create for her a kanzashi that reminded her proposal amongst the sakura trees in Japan.  Isn't that a lovely image!  How could I refuse?

Isn't it adorable!

I never get bored with making falls for kanzashi as they are a lot of fun. 

Especially these ones because they have little bells so they jingle as you walk.

And just to show how long the kanzashi is on someone here is me wearing it.

I think the best way to wear this kanzashi is with a side bun which is sweeped quite high.  This way the hair will frame the bouquet nicely and also allow the falls to dangle just low enough so they swing freely.  My side bun is a little bit low in this photo because I just used a large beck clip to hold my hair but it gives you an idea of what sort of hairstyle you could try.


Walter said...

That is gorgeous ! Ooh, I can think of several outfits in my blog that would look great with that. As a kanzashi artist, you're definitely the real McCoy ^^

jhon said...

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