8 May 2012

Wedding Dress - Astrid by Bruce Oldfield

He was one of the designers that were considered for the Royal Wedding and you can see why with this dress!

Astrid by Bruce Oldfield

Why am I dreaming it?

If we forget about the lace which is hard to do when there is so much of it, I love the mermaid skirt which works well with how the lace drapes.

And then there is the collar which I have not seen before.  It is a round neck upright collar which resembles something from one of the sci-fi anime that I have watched but this is good by the way.  It adds an interesting  twist to a dress which would have look traditional in every way.

No This is not the dress for me

I love this dress a lot but the only thing that makes me back off is the arms.  They are very tight which for someone who has large upper arms is a bad thing because this will make them look bigger.  Of course there is a high chance that this can be altered however the style of arms isn't something that I would go for.


Jullianna B said...

Great dress! Amazing!

Ashton Jones said...

My fiance has been looking into lace wedding dresses. Any suggestions?

Kitty Kanzashi said...

To Ashton Jones

It depends on what your fiance is looking for but a lot of designers have lace wedding dresses in their collection now.