22 May 2012

Wedding Dress - Toulouse by Claire Pettibone

Vintage style dress are back in the limelight so here is one for you to have a look at!

Toulouse by Claire Pettibone

Why I love it?

Of course you can't have a vintage style wedding dress without any lace however it is the little details that drew me to this dress.

First there are the little bows on the skirt.  How cute are they!  Not only they add details but the long tails will flutter nicely as you walk down the aisle.

And second, I love how the top part of the dress is constructed.  You can see that the material used on the sleeve is the same fabric as the side and back of the dress.  This adds a lovely continuity to the dress which shows off a little bit of the flesh without being too brazen.


Apart from having a flawless back to be able to wear this dress I think the only other issue would be the sort of legs needed to get away with the dress.  As the bows are situated around the thigh area of the dress this will draw attention to this area therefore if you are in anyway self conscience of your legs then either get to the gym (boring), get a pair of leg shaping underwear (ugly) or choose another dress.  The choice is yours.

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