29 May 2012

Wedding Dress - Facile by Cymbeline

I'm feeling very retro these days and as I look back through the ages there is one era that I seem to glance over.  The flapper era!

Facile by Cymbeline
Why Is This Gorgeous?

I love this dress because it is so cute!!!!!  This dress is perfect for a little beach wedding or if you are planning a whole day of dancing.

It is also a wonderful dress for you ladies who have a boyish figure.  I always feel that it is the dress that should make you look beautiful, not the other way round and this is a perfect example.  So what you do not have a hourglass figure, it does not mean you can not look girly and fab.  This is a light and delicate dress which clearly shouts femininity but doesn't not need the wearer to have curves.

I only wish I can wear a dress like this!

Oh no this is not good

As I mentioned above, this is a dress for someone who has a boyish figure because of the cut.  Not that someone who has curve can not wear it but I feel it will not play to your advantages.

And it is certainly not for ladies who have a wide hip, that sash detail will accentuate the width and possibly blow it out of proportion.

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