14 May 2012

How many of you would loss weight for your wedding day?

I have always said that it is the wedding dress that should make you look good!

By all means go the the gym and tone up your muscles but this article from the Daily Mail is just worrying.


Why were these brides driven to starve themselves to look good for one day of their life?

Did they believe it was normal for bride to be to look slim for their day?

It got me thinking about my experiences as it was only a few months ago when I had my mother telling me to get to the gym because I would look better toned up for my wedding.  My mother keep telling me that I would look better if I lost a couple of inches here and there despite I was going to be wearing a corset and my skirt was going to be hiding any lumps and bumps on my lower half.

I resisted at all cost because I couldn't see the point of stressing about such a minor point and my husband himself said it was not needed as I will look good no matter what.  And on the day I don't think I look too big, my corset made my waist to a nice 26 inch waist.  This is my normal corseted waist so I wasn't in any pain if you were worried.

Where does this image of a slim bride comes from/?

I know every brides wants to look their best but please remember that looks is only skin deep and in the end of the day, you are marrying a person who will love you no matter how you look.

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