6 March 2013

Crane Kanzashi

I see crane kanzashi very often and I have always wanted to make one so I decided to make a mini one first before I make a big one!

I have to say for a first attempt it isn't too bad!

The actual kanzashi itself is only 10cm tall but it took a whole morning to make.  It is a little bit cold here in Belfast and the glue was refusing to dry properly.  Lucky music was in the background so time didn't go too slowly.

It is very sweet but I am bias.

Now I am going to ask you the audience a question and please be honest.  How much would you pay for this?

Here are some things to consider, this one took 4 hours to make but I can probably refine the method to 2-3 hours.  It very delicate work and all the wire has been hand wound with thread.

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