11 March 2013

Crane kanzashi part two.

Buoyant with my success at the tiny crane kanzashi.

I thought it was time to super-sized the crane!

Which means it will be bigger and use a load more petals.

Over the years I have collected a lot of pictures of crane kanzashi so I have a good idea of the number of petals I have to use and the size of them so here is the first one!

I started off making a medium sized one which fits nicely in my hand.  Even though it is small in it size it still uses 34 petals in total.

Then of course it was time to make it even bigger.  Something that will really standout and here it is.  52 petals in total and it looks like the parent of the one above.

Here is a photo for you to compare the sizes.  They still need to be mounted onto hairpins and a little bit of colour still needs to be added but they are done!  Lets see if I can tweak the design again so that the crane's wings are more wider and not so curved up.

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