24 March 2013

Making a Dress - Introduction

Sometime last year I made a promise that I should learn dressmaking.  Not sure why but dressmaking has always been something I wanted to learn so I decided it is time to take action.

My aim for this year is to make a dress each month.......well that is the plan!

However I am very bad with deadlines because I have a habit of fussing over a pattern.  Especially since I am going to draft my own patterns on my dressform because I have a weird body measurements.  Well body may be okay but I find a lot of dresses these days have very small armhole and narrow sleeves and there is nothing worse then uncomfortable clothes.

So since the beginning of this year I have made two dresses and there is a third in the pipeline which I may finish in a week if I get moving.

Therefore without further ado I will begin reporting tomorrow!

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