12 March 2013

Kusudama madness

Lately I have been making half kusudama i.e these ones!


which is available for purchase in my etsy store here.

However it has been ages since I made a full one.  I have to admit there are only two examples in my personal collection which are .......

which were both made a long time ago so it is about time I made another one.

So should I make another one which is similar in size as the two above or shall I try something more challenging.  Challenging in this case is making a itsy bity one.  

YES you guess I decided to make a tiny one which is only a bit bigger then a two penny piece.  Obviously I had to use smaller petals and in this case I had to use 1/2 inch squares!  I swear my eyes are going crossed eyed from staring at the petals but I persevered and the end result is this little darling!

I am not joking it is tiny compared to the other complicated kanzashi I make.

I think I will turn it into a phone charm / obi kazari but now I am going to stare into the distance to get my eyesight back @_@

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