18 April 2013

Making a Dress - Retro Kimono

So in January I completed this lovely 50's inspired lolita dress.

What shall I do next.....well it had to be a kimono.


Last year, I brought a wonderful retro wool kimono bolt from a friend.  As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it.  It was blue with huge yellow and red flowers what is there not to love!

So rather then turning it into a western style dress, I thought I should make it into what it was destined to be......a kimono.


A gorgeous wool and synthetic blend kimono fabric!

Design Process

None as I am making a kimono.


Making a kimono may seem pretty straight forward but there is a lot of technical elements and the most difficult part is the collar.  It is hard to describe the challenge involved because it is really something you really have to try.

Whenever I make kimono I cheat a little bit by using the sewing machine to sew the long straight seams and then handstitching the hems and most of the collar.  I know a sewing machine is not authentic but it saves a lot of time and the time saved means I can concentrate on areas that are more complicated.


I really can't wait to wear it as it feels lovely and soft.

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