25 April 2013

Making a Dress - Funky Kimono

So February was a kimono month and March is another one!


I have always love the trendy and funky look of Yumi Yamamoto kimono.  They feel modern and fresh and so.........cute ^_^

Yumi Yamamoto
However I am on a budget and maybe one day I will be able to buy one of her original kimono but first I must start lower.  So what sort of printed fabric should I use?


What about this?

I brought it from a ebay seller called Retro Riot shop but you have to be quick because she only sells fabric that she no longer needs.

Anyway this is perfect!  A printed cotton fabric which means it will be perfect for a yukaka.

Design Process

Like the last kimono I followed the standard measurements.  The one thing that I did change was the length of the sleeve.  I decided to make them around 75cm long because I did not want to waste fabric and also I don't have many kimono with long sleeves.


Same as previous post expect as I am using a western fabric I had to cut it into 36cm strips which is strangely tricky.  However with some careful folding and then some even more careful cutting I did it without too much error.

So after 3 days of sewing, yes 3 days I can be very slow!  It is done.

Lots and lots of water melon!

 Rather then the standard 50cm length sleeves that I normally make, I decided to give this kimono 70cm ones.

And here is the collar.  It looks like I have set it further back then normal but I followed the normal measurements.  Well if I accidentally set it back further then normal at least I will not have to worry about the collar creeping forward.

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Kaino said...

That is such a cute yukata, wonderful work! Watermelons instantly make me think of summer so it's perfect pattern, and I like how playful it looks. Can't wait to see it worn! :)