20 October 2013

Making a Dress - Burgundy Lolita outfit - Designing Stage

With my kimono fabric chosen it was time to think of what to make.

When I received my lolita sewing books I was immediately drawn to the outfit which had a separate bodice and skirt.

This appealed to me in two ways.  One, it will be easier to look after and two, I can create more outfits with two pieces. 

In addition I wanted to make other accessories as well such as a capelet, jabot and some hair accessories like a hat, bow and kanzashi (of course).

Phew that is a lot too do.......I hope I am not being to ambitious here.

After I few days of pondering I settled on the following design.

Skirt Front
Skirt Back
There will also be a capelet, a hat and some hair accessories that have yet to be designed but they are in my head.


HSAMA said...

could you post the pic of the fabrics again?

loved the desing

Kitty Kanzashi said...

Hi there

You can view the pictures of the kimono fabric on my previous blog post.