21 October 2013

Making a Dress - Burgundy Lolita outfit - Construction Time

So design has been settled....ish

Now it is time to actually make it.  I drafted my own patterns based on the ones in the lolita sewing books I have.

For the bodice, I took inspiration from the bodices from these outfits.

I drafted the top part of the bodice based on the pale blue dress but the bottom part as the black and white one.  

As for the skirt I wanted something like this one.

But rather then pleated it will be gathered because it will be easier to do with two different fabrics.

So with patterns drafted, I had to test out the bodice as it was something that I put together.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures or maybe I did but I can not find them on my computer.  Anyway apart from making the back a bit wider and lengthening the inner lining it was not too bad.

Now lets fast forward a couple of weeks.  Yes it took me two weeks to finish because I work full time and now my sewing time is constricted to the weekends which is very sad but here it is!

Bodice on top of the skirt
 The bottom part is a little bit bunched up when it is worn but that could be use to the fullness of the skirt and the kimono fabric being a little bit softer then expected.  This is definitely a dress there I will need to think about wearing a waist clincher or something just to keep things still.

Bodice under the skirt
 However with the skirt on top you don't notice it and the frills on the bodice are aligned pretty nicely with the skirt.  YEY!!
Back view
 Oh here is the back view with a nice bow.  The ties are actually removable so I can create more looks.

Me wearing it!

And finally me wearing my new outfit.  I really need to take better pictures but with winter setting in, daylight is getting scare so it might be a while before I get a really good photo.

Now it is just the accessories to make.

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