7 August 2015

Epic Regency Sewing Project - Introduction

Back in 2014, one of my friends attended the Jane Austen Regency Festival at Bath and someone suggest that the following year we should organise a girlie weekend.

Well I am all up for a dress up especially in Regency.

Who would not like to get all pretty for the weekend.

So thus begins the organising!  We originally thought about hotels but then it occurred to me that since there are 5 of us, we might be able to rent an apartment for the weekend and it could be cheaper.  Not that we will need to worry about food since we will be out for most of the time and it would be handy with getting ready.

We ended up settling for a regency looking place, well we are attending a regency event so once that is sorted time to think about clothes.

What am I going to wear?

Fortunately my To Do list for sewing is really long and one of the many dresses I have been meaning to make is a muslin dress.  Okay day dress sorted, and of course one must have a spencer jacket and bonnet to accompany.

But what to wear for ball, oh such a question to ask and very apt.  Should I make another dress?  Hmmmm but then I would have a huge headache on making it all fancy.  However while browsing pinterest, I saw the answer, an overdress.  That is it, I will make an overdress which will be worn over my muslin day dress and then make a matching turban.

Of course I will need shoes and bags but they will be made along the way.

Time to source material.

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