27 August 2015

Epic Regency Sewing Project - Muslin Dress

Now we have the foundations ready (ish).

Time to make the dress.  My first muslin dress!

It is about time I made one of these as it is a long time coming.  I have already made a standard regency dress but this time I wanted to tweek the design.

Here is a rough sketch of what was in my head.  Sort of a chemise-like regency dress.

Now I only had the sense and sensibility regency gown pattern but that shouldn't be a problem.   I cut out the bodice pieces but made sure that the front pieces was extra wide to create the gathers around the front.  And altered the sleeves to elbow length.

It is always a tense moment when I am cutting fabric but I did buy a ridiculous amount of muslin for stupid mistake.

Here is the lining pinned to my Miffy just to make sure things are working out.

Then the top layer is gathered just to see if it looked fine.

Then once the bodice looked reasonable the skirt part was attached.

Hmmm not bad.

And finally the sleeves!  Rather then creating ordinary hems I decided to give shell hemming a try and it I am pleased to say that it worked nicely.  

I gauged it by eye rather then measuring out the intervals since I did not want to mark my white muslin if I could avoid it.

I have left the bottom hem unfinished as I wanted to make sure the overdress (which is the next project) were both the same length but also I wanted to shell hem the bottom as well and I was a bit tired to do it now.

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