18 August 2015

Epic Regency Sewing Project - Under things

Since I am turning up to a real regency event, I thought it was time I made myself some period underwear.

Which means a chemise and short stay.

I used the Sense and Sensibility pattern which my friend very kindly leant to me.

So the first thing to make was the chemise because it looked the easiest and it was.

The binding around the collar needs a little work as I did not catch all the seam underneath it and it is pulling away however I might cheap here and take off the muslin binding and use shop brought binding.  It will not be as soft but my homemade muslin is a pain to use.

Next the short stay.

Since I don't have a big chest I went with comfort hence the short stay.  I have to admit this is my first time making stay and I had my fingers crossed through the whole sewing.

For a first time it is not too bad.  I think next time I will use more boning and make the cups a little bigger but I am not sure.  I will need to do a little bit more research here.

And no, there will be no pictures of me wearing this but here is what they looked like.

Unfortunately in my haste to get this finished I did take any picture.  However the rest of my project will have more photos I promise.

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