5 August 2017

Making a Dress - Song hanfu trousers part two

Now I have a pair of undertrousers, I now need some over trousers.

They follow the same pattern as the undertrousers but the sides are straightened and expended to create the pleats.

The first pair I made is from navy blue wool summer weight fabric.  Lovely and light!

I had to iron the hell out of this fabric to create the pleats but after a couple of wears they eventually fell out.

Oh well I would under-stitched them to keep them in place or not.

This time rather then using a tie to close my trousers I used trouser hook and bar.


On the face of it, it is perfect however it was only when I wore them to work then the problems appeared.

Firstly, not making the outer trousers tie ups make it easy to put on in the morning means I can not adjust them in anyway. Which means no weight loss or gain! Hmmm not ideal but oh well.

Secondly, walking around in them in the flat no problem but as soon as there is a slight wind my outer trousers were flapping about and at one point trying to tie my legs together. That is definitely a health and safety issue there which I think can be solved with a button to join the two trouser legs together at the bottom.

And finally three, going to the convenience. It is impossible to stop the trousers from touching the floor so paranoid me now has to make sure the floor in the toilets are clean enough. I have no idea how to solve this part from adding more buttons but on the waistband to join them up so I only deal with one pair of trousers.

Oh well a work in progress.

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