7 August 2017

Fabric Haul - Blue with red blossoms

This one from Kimono Petit Japon (http://stores.ebay.co.uk/kimonopetitjapon) caught my eye.

Why you may ask?  It looks like any other bolt but does it?

For me it stood out because although it is wool bolt ( well 95% wool and 5% Nylon) the pattern is not as dense as the ones I had previously.  It is more spaced out.

Here is the little label telling you the fabric composition.

Not sure what this label is saying but probably the producer of the bolt.

Here you can see a closeup of the flowers.  I think they look like plum blossoms but alas I am not that good at identifying flowers.

I really do buy fabric that just look pretty.

And here is the back of the fabric.  At least I can not mistake the right and wrong side.

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