28 August 2017

Making a dress - Simple white underskirt


Like a petticoat is a staple in the lolita wardrobe so is a underskirt it seems for me.

I have sewn a few dresses now which sometime I feel would benefit from an underskirt either to provide a little volume or just to provide modesty.


This one is going to be a simple rectangle skirt as I really want to show off the border design.

Shame I can't get more of this fabric.


Okay, fabric all ready to be cut up.

Oh my scallop edge.  They may look pretty but so much work has to be done to get them to sit nicely.

As I have limited fabric, I opted to only put one pocket.  Can not risk wasting 3 cms, the skirt is already borderline not poffy enough.

Putting in the waistband which will be a half elastic waistband.


Edit:  Okay I can't put it on Miffy 2 because of a stupid error so I'm afraid I can only give you photos of it lying flat.

Here you can see how I dealt with the lining and hem.


Well this was the first time I make scalloped edge and I think it would be easier if the fabric was thinner.

Oh one fundamental error was made on this skirt.  I did not make the band big enough to fit over my bum.  Yep I was kicking myself when I found out however I discovered that I can still wear it if I put it over my head.  So there we have it, I did not waste half a day making a skirt and wasting this precious fabric.

Also it doesn't quite go with the qi-lolita dress that I originally made it for. Which is a shame but it will go nicely with my blue apron dress.

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