21 August 2017

Fabric Haul - Pink and white wool juban bolt

I have a lovely fabric to show you today! 

Isn't it cute :)

It is a wonderful wool bolt for a juban and it has delightful sakura/cherry blossoms all over it.

Unfortunately no labels or maker's mark on this one which is a shame.  However I am pretty sure this fabric for a juban as pink is a very common colour for them.  Also this has the same feel as my wool juban that I use regularly when I go out.

As you can see the fabric is fine as you can see the pattern from underneath.

I do need another wool juban in my kitsuke wardrobe but I will try and make a two piece from this.  Will probably use this to make the main body but use different fabric for the sleeves, maybe interchangeable ones so I have flexibility.

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