11 September 2017

Fabric Haul - Cotton blue and white yabane bolt

Something down to earth.  

A cotton white and blue yabane bolt.

I think it is cotton as it does not have the same feel as the wool bolts that I have in my collection.

Plus the colouring has a feel of a yukata and these are normally made from cotton fabric.

From a distance, you can make out the yabana pattern but when you look at it close up it is not so clear.

I would love to make a lolita dress from this as metamorphose every so often release a wa-lolita dress  with yabane pattern.  However as much as I love them, they are just too fussy for my liking which is more toward the classics side of the fashion.  I will probably get some matching navy blue cotton fabric and trimmings when I make the dress.

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