4 September 2017

Making a dress - Simple black underskirt


Well now I have a white one, I might as well have a black one.

You can not go wrong with black and white as your base colours.


This one is going to be a tiered skirt because I don't have one yet in my collection.

However this one will have side pockets which will be hidden by the top tier of ruffles.  Sneaky I know!!!


Oh god please remind me why I thought using this fabric was a good idea?  It is sooo slippery and frays at the slightest touch.  Thank god I have an overlocker.

So many ruffles!!!!

This is only the third tier and I think I was going mad.


However the result is this!

So many ruffles.

And best of all POCKETS.


Don't use lining like material again.  NEVER.  Right lets see how long I will keep this promise.

And due to the fabric choice there were a few mistakes like my side pocket seam not quite aligned nicely.  Well I was sewing 4 slippery layers is not easy even at slow speed.

However it is not impossible as you can see here on the other side, much nicer.

Oh yeah top layer was not long enough.  Boo hoo, it seems I was not careful enough.

And as a result the top tier sticks out more then the rest.  But it seems less noticeable when I put on an a-line petticoat.

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