25 September 2017

Fabric Haul - Blue with mixed motifs silk

Now something usual, a silk kimono bolt.

I normally I favour wool or cotton bolts as they are easy to work and look after but I would not resist this one.

It is a love blue with lots of tiny strips of paper.

The back of the bolt.  Hmmm the blue dye has not gone through to the back.

What is nice about this one is the markings.  They are actually dyed into the fabric.  Look at gourd border!

The bolt has two names on it.  

And this one which is inside a gourd, what does the gourd mean?  There is also a plain white square which I will assume is where a stamp would normally be place but this one does not have one.  I wonder way?

What is lovely about this bolt is the little motifs on the strips of paper.

Here you can see some seigaha wave, maple leaf and chrysanthemum.

Where as this one we have kasamatsu and I'm not sure what the pattern is called on the left.

I really would love to use this to make a kimono out of it as it would be a lovely simple komon but it would also make a lovely dress as well.  I have a feeling this will sit in my collection for a couple of years before I turn it into something.

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