10 January 2018

Crafting and Sewing Review 2017

Hello all.

Things have been very busy since I last posted in October 2017 and unfortunately my blogging slipped.

However it is a new year and I will try my best to keep you up to date.

But before I do, I thought it would be be nice to summarise my year.

March 2017 - Lolita Apron Dress

April 2017 - Lolita Sack OP/Coat

May 2017 - Modern Jeogori and Hanbok

July 2017 - Qi-Lolita Overdress

August 2017 - Song Trousers, Hanfu top and Jacket plus Simple White Underskirt

September 2017 - Simple Black Underskirt, Sakura JSK

October 2017 - Stumpwork sakura and Wet Felting coin purse

November 2017 - More Wet Felting Coin purse

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December 2017 - Lolita Striped Brown JSK

Not too bad considering since I only sew on the weekends.

I think will continue to complete a sewing or crafting project per a month so as it is now January, I think it is time to look at my to do list and make another dress!

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