11 January 2010

Job hunting time!

Ok holiday time is over and I have to think about finding a job.

So after a couple of calls to recruitment agencies I may have something in the pipeline. Of course I have to see the recruitment consultant in London on Wednesday at 1pm to make sure they understand what I want.

So if anyone is in London that day and want to have an early lunch around Moorgate then give me a call!

On a side note, I have just installed skype on my computer, who is on skype?


My interview with the recruitment agency is now in the Holborn area however I will probably go to Japan Centre for hand to waste time and see if they still sell that cute neko glass cup.


Lyuba-chan said...

I am :) I also plan on going to London this Saturday, however I am not sure I will be wearing kimono. I just need a break from schoolwork and get away from my usual places.

Kitty Kanzashi said...

Well I will be in smart wear as I will be turning up for an interview at 13.00. So no kimono for me. I'll be getting to London around 11.00 hopefully.