23 January 2010

Free time so some kitsuke practice.

I have the house to myself and since I haven't been practicing any kitsuke since the last get together with the girls I thought it was time to try on some new items.

My two piece kimono from Ryu without an obi.

I like this casual look and it was easy to put on, easy to maintain neatly and very comfortable. I am actually enjoy lounging about in this. Note to self, need to buy more so I can wear them around my house in future.

Then I thought I would try my first michiyuki with this kimono.

Everytime I buy a haori or michiyuki I always forget how long the garment will be and this is certainly the case here. I originally thought it would only come down to my knees but it actually comes right down to my ankles. Nevermind, at least it will protect my kimono from rain when I wear it.

The interesting thing I found on my michiyuki is the concealed pocket on the inner front to hold little bits and piece. Of course whatever you put in this pocket will have to be flat or it will show on the front. I will need to streamline my purse contents before I can use this or I can just use it to carry my mobile.

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shigatsuhana said...

I love yours! I can't wait to see it on Saturday! :)