29 January 2010

Trip to London tomorrow!

Wow hasn't January flown by!

It has been awhile since I have meet up with my kimono friends so time to organise another get together.

Hong mentioned that on 30/31 January 2010 at Queen Elizabeth conference centre there is the "Tokyo Day" event. I went to this last year with the same people and apart from being made part of the exhibit it was a nice day out.

My outfit for the day will be my two piece kimono which I can't wait to try out on the public.

I will try and take as many interesting photos of the day.

P.S For those of you who are interested, it is also the same place that the Iraq Inquiry hearing is being held so I am wondering what the security will be like. I doubt they will be working tomorrow so hopefully I will not be arrested for waiting outside for my friends.

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