24 January 2010

Wedding dress colour nightmare part 2

I need a good rant!

Ok some of you already know that I had a disagreement with my mother regarding choice of wedding dress colour. Now I would like to inform you that I have not actually booked anything for my wedding. All I am doing is deciding on colour!

Well I thought it had all been settled however since I have mentioned my future wedding to her she has begun her campaign of criticising my decision hoping that I will come to her way of thinking.

Of course a purple wedding dress is a little unusual but nothing in my life is normal and I like strong colours so for me white doesn't fit my personality. In any case, I am having a corset wedding dress which can not be brought off the rack so the option of purple is possible. And the good thing about this dress is that I can wear the corset again! I always hated the idea of buying a garment for only one occasion.

However my mother's reason against the colour is as follows

1) You must consider other people's expectations
2) Related to above, as it will not conform to people expectations, they will not say you are pretty on your wedding day. Which is the whole point of the day.
3) Friends and family will think that this is not your first marriage
4) It will be hard to find
5) You will not look like a bride
6) It is not in fashion to wear purple for your wedding since the majority of wedding dresses are white
7) You can not wear your wedding dress again! (Mother doesn't like the idea of me wearing part of the dress again)

I think those are her arguments against my colour choice in a nutshell.

I feel like I am being hounded by my mother to follow in her way of thinking and I am worried that the wedding will end up being what my mother wants rather then what me and my boyfriend think will be fun.

I know I should consider my mother's feelings and I have relented on my insistence of a blue dress. She has already expressed her wish that the ceremony and reception should be in the same place which is only possible if the food and drink is good.

What next? The choice of engagement and wedding ring?

She is making me out as being a selfish b*&!h and this is only over the colour.


shigatsuhana said...

How about Vegas? ;) Just teasing! Your mother should be happy that you are considering marriage! In the end you'll have to make the decisions you can live with. I still say it's your day and other people who you know and love should and would enjoy whatever you choose!

Anonymous said...

Actually, my cousin wore a bright fuschia pink dress for her wedding, with black gloves. All her bridesmaids had black dresses with fuschia sashes, and it was super fabulous.

The idea that no one would say you are pretty if you don't wear white is stupid. My cousin Johnna got many more compliments on her brave and pretty style than she would have if she wore a boring white dress.

I say, compromise with your mother on the location for the ceremony and reception, but have the dress YOU want. You have to wear it, after all.

The tradition of brides wearing white for the ceremony is only about 100 years old. A little more than a century ago, brides wore their best dress, no matter what the color was - the important details were the quality and the care that went into the dress.